About Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a loved game over the years. It is chosen by parents to help their children spell and study comfortably. Instead of putting children under pressure, playing the game supports them to remember more easily with a relaxed mind.

The rules of the game are also quite simple, you just need to look at the picture and spell the word by clicking on the letters on the screen. There will be different sets of content for you to choose from. The sounds or images can also be added to make the game more interesting.

Always keep an eye on the timer because your time is limited. If you don't complete Spelling Bee's challenge within the allotted time, the game will be over immediately.

If you finish all of the challenges in the content set, the game also ends but with a score screen displayed. The countdown timer will get faster and faster with each set, you need to speed up to adapt to this. Additionally, Spelling Bee also gives you a comfortable feeling that allows you to try another letter if you mistype one.

This is an excellent game for learning to spell unfamiliar words.


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