About Waffle

People who enjoy playing word guessing games are sure to find Waffle to be an enjoyable kind of entertainment. The game challenges you to guess six words in a crossword with jumbled letters. Your task is to swap the positions of the letters to make the right words. Complete all 6 words and you will win.

There will be green, yellow and white letters. In it, a green letter is in the right place, a yellow letter needs to be repositioned in the row or column in which it is, while the white letters need to be moved to a different column or row. The game gives you a total of 15 swaps. However, according to some reviews, each Waffle can be solved in 9-10 swaps.

The game ends when you place all the tiles in their correct positions or when you run out of chances. If all the words are found, they will all turn green. The game will reset every 24 hours and you will have to wait until the next day for a new challenge.

How to Play Waffle?

All the letters given in Waffle will be in use, they are just not in the correct position.

Keep the position of the green letters

Change the position in the word of the yellow letter

Move the white letter to an appropriate column or row

Move their positions intelligently as you are only given 15 chances.

Make sure the yellow letters are only moved in the row because their color already indicates their existence in the word.

Also, keep an eye on the number of swaps left to know they're enough for you to complete the game. Don't swap aimlessly because it just takes away your existing opportunities. The idea is to gently analyze and change the position where the letter should be.

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