About Contexto

Contexto is a Brazilian game that was made after Wordle!!. The goal is to find the right word based on the words you type in.

This game requires you to solve a mystery problem; it's not like Wordle, but if you enjoy puzzle games or quizzes, you'll probably enjoy this online game!


Contexto is a daily game that allows you to play once a day. In case you can’t solve the puzzle, you can comeback the next day to continue your task. By the way, this game allows you to share your results from solving the Portuguese game with friends on social networks.

How to play

This type of game investigates the idea of Word Embeddings, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique for representing words as vectors while preserving the word's context. This can be done in a variety of ways. One-hot is the simplest. It uses the size of your vocabulary (a vocabulary is a list of all the different words in your text) as the size of the word's vector representation, giving each term its own vector.

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