About Nerdle

Do you enjoy working with numbers? Do you find yourself drawn to mathematical calculations, and does this pull you toward a desire to conquer? If that's the case, Nerdle might be the perfect game for you. It gives you 6 attempts to make a guess before revealing a hidden calculation consisting of 8 characters. 

To start the game, you will be tasked with entering an equation with eight characters into the grid. The hints will be provided by the color of the tiles. Accordingly, green indicates that a symbol or number is part of the equation and is in the correct position while purple indicates that the symbol or number is part of the equation but is in the incorrect position. Tiles that turn black will not belong to the target answer.

How to Play Nerdle?

Always keep in mind that you are given 6 guesses to solve the Nerdle calculation. However, if you apply a suitable strategy, you will solve it in just 3-4 guesses.

You will not have a clue provided before your first guess. So make sure that your guess will get you as much information as possible.

The best way is to use as many symbols and numbers as possible. The following calculation can be considered a good guess:

12 / 6 + 5 = 7

All digits in the calculation are different and up to 2 symbols are used.

After the first guess is made, the clue will appear. Let's analyze the green, purple, and black tiles in the calculation.

The basic rule for conquering the Nerdle is to keep the green tiles, change the position of the purple tiles, and avoid reusing the black tiles.

Good luck in your own game.

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