About Wordle!!

Wordle!! is an addictive word-guessing game. It challenges you to find a word through up to 6 guesses. Each word that is guessed comes with a set of clues that are presented in the form of color-coded tiles. Wordle!! players will have to take advantage of the clues given and use analysis, exclusion, and speculation to come up with answers.

Players will find that playing this game helps them increase their ability to concentrate, stimulates their brain, and sharpens their thinking. Wordle!! is a game that people of all ages may enjoy while getting various benefits.  

How to Play Wordle!! Unlimited

Enter a word into the first row, then clues will be shown. 

  • Green: Represents a letter that is in the target word and has the correct position 
  • Yellow: Represents a letter that is in the target word but not in the correct position
  • Gray: Represents a letter that is not in the target word. 

Based on the color-coding clues to make the next guess.  

You need to keep the following in mind while attempting to guess the word in order to avoid running out of attempts but still not finding the mysterious word. 

The next word to be guessed should consist of green letters with their positions preserved. 

For example, the first word that is guessed is CRANE with the letter R and E coded in green, so the next word could be potentially PRICE with the position of the letter R and E preserved. 

The next word should include a yellow letter with the position changed. 

The next word should not include a gray-coded letter. 

When the target word is found, all tiles of the word will turn green. 

Wordle is now available online so players can play it for free all the time. 

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