About Octordle

Octordle is one of the most challenging word games in the word guessing genre. Guessing 4 words at once is already an extremely difficult task, however, with Octordle, you have to guess 8 words at once through up to 13 attempts.

Each of these 8 words, of course, has its own grid of tiles and they work completely independently of each other. The tokens in the game are presented through color-coded tiles.

Because having to solve 8 words at once as well as facing many grids can make players feel confused and uncomfortable. However, many people want to experience Octordle to get the feeling of conquering difficult challenges.

How to play Octordle?

See how to play Octordle to get ready for the challenge of the game. Some workarounds for dilemmas you may encounter in the game will also be given.

Get used to Octordle's 8 grids at first because it can be overwhelming. Prepare yourself a strategy and approach to win the game.

Pick a grid you're most attracted to for starting.

Enter the first word you guess. Make sure it's an ideal word to get you to victory faster.

After 1 or 2 attempts, clues will appear. Now select the grids where tiles with clues appear the most.

Try to guess the word of that grid and make sure that there are enough guesses left for you to solve the remaining grids. If the number of guesses remaining is less than the number of unsolved grids, you have lost.

If you are stuck with the word you are guessing, look at other grids to see if there are ones that show more clues. If it does, switch the target to it.

Let's start this crazy game.

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