About Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya? is a guessing word game on sports topics, specifically football sports. How to play a game similar to Wordle!!. You guess the soccer player's name in eight tries. 
There are 2 levels for you to choose from: 
Hide Photo: There will be no blurred image suggestions here, for those of you who like to challenge yourself. It will be more difficult if you choose to 'Hide Photos'. 
Show Photo: There will be a blurred image of the player, making it easier to guess. Then, with each failed attempt, the image becomes a bit blurry and slowly reveals the player's identity. 
You can enable photos at any time in Settings. 


Can you play old challenges on Who Are Ya? 
Who is Ya? allows you to play other old challenges from the past few days. To play an older challenge, go to Who Are Ya? and click the Calendar icon on the left side of the player image.

In addition to us, you can choose other sports to guess the word on the left hand side, such as Baseball, Basketball, Celebrity, Cricket, Football, Gorl, Ice Hockey, Racing, Tennis, Volleyball

How to play

There will be in-game help: 
After 4 guesses, you can click the "Show player's club' button, which helps you by showing the badge of the club the player plays for. 
Who Are Ya? is reset daily. 
Just like Wordle!!, 'Who is Ya?' daily resets at midnight local time. This means you can get a new puzzle when the clock strikes 12 in your area. When you finish the game, you will see your stats. In the same dialog, you will see the time remaining for the next quiz under the label "Newly joined footballer."

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