About Quordle

Can you guess 4 words at once through 9 attempts? Quordle was born to serve players who love word games and want to conquer tough challenges.

The word guessing game offers players 4 grids. When a guess is entered, the word will appear on all 4 grids at the same time. This forces you to guess all 4 words at once.

Through each guess, clues will appear based on the color-coded tiles. The tiles in green show the letters with the correct position, the yellow tiles show the letters that are in the word but in the wrong place. Players will have to observe all 4 grids and analyze clues to make the next prediction.

With a total of 9 attempts, the player will have to find all 4 words of the Quordle to win.

How to Play Quordle?

Applying the method of eliminating letters is essential when playing Quordle. To increase your chances of winning the game and finding all the hidden words, you need to make sure that the next guessed word will consist of letters that do not overlap with the letters of the previously guessed word.

Once a word has been found, the letters you enter for the next time will no longer appear in that grid. You can now focus on the remaining grids.

In the experience of Quordle players, after finding the first correct word, you need to make sure that there will be at least 3 more guesses left for you to enter the answer of the remaining grids.

In addition, Quordle has a Practice mode that you can take advantage of to get the hang of the game and understand it better before starting your daily challenge.

The challenge and brain training benefits of Quordle aside, it's also a free game that you can play online all the time. Let’s enjoy.

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