About Hurdle

You will start the challenge of guessing words with Hurdle. Instead of focusing on one word and relying on clues to find the answer like in other games, Hurdle players must overcome 4 barriers before reaching the final challenge. The answer to one puzzle becomes the first guess for the next one.

At the last challenge, you will see all 4 answers of the previous 4 challenges already filled in 4 of 6 guesses there. Your task at that time is to try to find the final answer through 2 more guesses. If you do not find the answer there or fail at any step, you will have to wait until tomorrow to go on the game.

Based on the green and yellow tiles to come up with the next word. In short, this can be seen as a 5-time-harder challenge.

How to play Hurdle?

You will pass a total of 5 different puzzles. Each Hurdle puzzle aims at a five-letter mystery word that you will have to figure out over up to 6 guesses. After each guess, clues will appear and you can identify them by the color of the tiles.

If the tile turns green, it's the correct letter in the correct position.

A yellow tile means that the letter is in the word but in a different position.

A gray tile means that the letter is not found in the target word.

The 5th puzzle is the final challenge where the previous 4 answers are filled in. You can only use the remaining 2 chances to solve it.

Join in the fun and see whether you can handle the challenge of the Hurdle.

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