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It's a Syn is a variation on a well-known word game in which the player attempts to guess the answer to the next day's word challenge. The goal of this digital game is to reveal the truth. Although it's not quite like Wordle, we believe puzzle and puzzle game fans would like this.
The daily crossword puzzle may be found at Syn. Pick three words that are synonyms or antonyms for each hint.
Use the Synonym Game
This is a daily event that may only be participated in once each day. We gave it a go and are looking forward to giving it another go tomorrow so that we may share the results of the daily word puzzle with our friends.
The Synergistic Way to Join.
Like Wordle, there are just a few rules to follow in this simple game:
Use the alphabet down below the hint to figure out the solution. Both of the proposed solutions and their polar opposites are correct.
Click or touch on a square to choose an available letter.
The square will become green if the prediction is right. Your final three guesses will be shown in red on the square if you get it incorrect. Don't let your guessing opportunities go away!
There will be a new game available every day.
You can choose between bright and dark themes and check your stats with a click of a button.

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