About Lewdle

Are you annoyed with swear words? Or Does swearing sometimes help you relieve the uncomfortable mood of a bad day? Lewdle was created as a way to entertain you and relieve stress that way.

The game gives you a task to guess a 5 or 6 letter swear word. Lewdle's rules are almost the same as other word guessing games. You will guess the first word without any hints or clues. Clues will be given later by recognizing the color of the tiles.

Sometimes you will feel that Lewdle is quite simple when the first turn of guessing gives you quite a few clues. On the other hand, you could get into a lot of difficulties because some of the valid answers in Lewdle in Lewdle are variations and slang terms. Lewdle requires players creativity and experimentation to win.

How to play Lewdle?

Conquering Lewdle has never been an easy task. In addition to vocabulary and understanding, you also need to have your own strategies.

You will first encounter a grid of tiles that serve the purpose of guessing your word

Start guessing with any swear word you know while ensuring it comes with a valid number of letters. Follow the clues that show up afterward.

Green: The letter is in the word and is in the correct position. Keep its position for the next guess.

Orange: The letter is in the word but in a different position. You need to keep using that letter for the next guess but change its order.

Gray: The letter is not present in the word. You should not choose a word containing it for the next guess.

The player is given a total of six attempts to find the Lewdle answer of the day. The game will end when the player finds the target word or runs out of guesses but still has not found the answer.

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