About Phrazle

From the beginning of 2022, word games are very popular. Among them, games like worlde!!, octordle, dordle, ... are the most popular games. Based on that advantage and hotness of word guessing games. Phrazle was also released with a much greater frequency and difficulty of keywords.
The gameplay is also very simple. You will have 6 guesses. You will have to fill in all the characters in the boxes to be given suggestions by Phrazle with the colored boxes respectively red, yellow, purple and original. Corresponds to the accuracy of the cells:
   - Red: the character is in the correct position
   - Yellow: the character is present in the word but in the wrong place
   - Purple: the character is present in the phrase but not in the current word
   - Original: character not present in phrase
The smart and quick person will be the winner of this game. You see, Phrazle is a much harder version than wordle!!. Therefore, if you are already a master in wordle!!, you will definitely pass Phrazle very easily

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