About Star Wordle!!

Star Wordle!! is a spin-off of the famous game Wordle!!. In other words, it's a new version of Wordle!! for fans of the well-known series Star World. In this game, players will guess words related to the universe of Star World, such as "darth" or "vader", as well as other phrases. If you are looking for an intellectual online game, Star Wordle!! is the best choice, which helps you broaden your vocabulary of the galaxy. Join us and get lost in the endless Milky Way!


Frankly speaking, to master this game, you need to understand a bit of Star World. Furthermore, this game is a combination of conventional and lore words. Sometimes, you need to research to find the answer.

How to play

You have six attempts to guess the word from Star Wars.

Each guess must consist of five letters. You had better consider the plurals, too.

After the five-letter word has been typed, press the Enter button. The color specifies the status of the letter. If you see green color, it means that the chosen letter is correct and in the right place. The yellow color means you put the correct letter in the wrong place. If the letter is still in gray, unfortunately, this letter doesn’t appear in the word.

Try to find out the hidden word using no more than six tries.

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