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People who love word guessing games must already know about Wordle!! - a game that challenges players to find a mystery word through 6 guesses. However, there are many people who expect more challenging and unique games. Anti Wordle!! appears as a strange version of Wordle but no less interesting.

Instead of trying to guess the hidden word, Anti Wordle!! asks players to avoid doing it. You can try as many times as possible with no limit. Color coding is also applied in the game, but a few rules have changed.

Accordingly, the gray tile represents a letter that is not in the hidden word and you are forced not to use that letter for the next turn. The yellow tile represents a letter that is in the hidden word but with an incorrect order, the game forces you to use that letter for the next time but in a different position. Meanwhile, the letters belonging to the hidden word and in the correct position will show red, the game will fix that letter for your next attempt.

Since there is no limit to the attempts, the player can make all possible words from the remaining letters. When you end up with the right word, the game will tell you how many guesses you have gone through in total. The more guesses, the higher the probability of success.

How to Win Anti Wordle?

You simply need to continue playing the game by coming up with as many variations of a word as possible. The more yellow letters, the better your score is.

Once you have come up with the hidden word with all the letters in red, you are forced to continue using that.

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