About Cross Wordle!!

Cross Wordle!! is a puzzle game improved from Wordle!! game, its difficulty and attractiveness make Cross wordle!! very welcome.
Cross wordle!! has the following gameplay: You will be given a keyword at the bottom and colored boxes suggest letters to find words at the top. These color boxes include Green, Yellow, and the original color. Similar to wordle!!, the green color represents that the character coincides with the character in the same row in the given word. Yellow is the character that is not in the same row but appears in the given word. The original color is the character that does not appear in the last row. Invalid characters will be marked with a red triangle by the game in the wrong character box. Click it to find and fix your following errors.
The game awakens the existing vocabulary and helps you gain new vocabulary that you may have forgotten or not known before. Play Cross Wordle!! now so you don't miss those interesting sentences!

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