About Dordle

Dordle was born as an alternative to Wordle!! with a double difficulty challenge. Instead of guessing a word through 6 attempts, the player is asked to guess 2 words at once over 7 attempts. There will be 2 grids provided to the player and they work independently of each other.

What makes Dordle special is that players do not have to wait until the next day for a new challenge. You can absolutely start a new challenge right after completing one.

Moreover, regardless of the game rules or other interesting things, Dordle is a completely free game. You only need a few clicks to join anytime.

How to Play Dordle?

Enter a word in the first row, each entered word will appear in both grids at the same time.

During the guessing process, keep in mind that you have a total of 7 guesses and no more.

The rules are similar to Wordle!!'s.

The yellow tile means the letter is in the word but in a different position.

The green tile means the letter is in the correct position.

You need to rely on that to make the next guess.

For Dordle, the first thing to notice is your first guess. Do your research and find a word that will help you narrow down your results and avoid wasting guesses. Specific advice is to choose words containing common letters. A, E, O, I, U is ideal for vowels while N, T, S, R are consonants that should be preferred. Words like RATIO, CRANE, and RAISE are usually good ones for the start.

Distribute the focus to both grids and avoid focusing on a single one. That will make you use up your turn while only finding a word.

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