About Le Mot

French is one of the world's most romantic languages. No matter if you are a beginner or a master of this language, Le Mot helps you develop your French vocabulary. If you are multilingual and speak at least two languages, this French version lets you play traditional Wordle!! games in a non-English version. 

Tips and tricks 

It matters what you say first. Use a language, whether English or French, that has as many different letters from the game's language as you can. Additionally, avoid words with "unusual" letters because they are quite challenging. According to an analysis of all the French words used on Wikipedia in 2008, the most frequent letter in French words is E. Followed by A, I, S, N, R, and T in that order.

So, while speaking French, start with a five-letter word like Saine, Sante, Tiens, or Senat. Given that it contains the five French letters that are most frequently used, the word "saine" should always be your first word.

How to play

Le Mot has the same gameplay as Wordle!! but in French. Every day, a five-letter word is picked at random. You have six chances to figure it out. Depending on how close you are to finding the word, the letters will change color with each attempt.

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