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MLB Pickle is a kind of Wordle!! game in which your goal is to accurately identify a baseball player in nine tries. The Pickle Game gives you the chance to publish your achievement once you've figured out this enigmatic character on social media. Therefore, you are able to share the word with your friends!

We believe you would enjoy this online game if you love baseball. If you give it a try, you'll realize why this puzzle game has quickly gained so much popularity.


MLB Pickle is a totally free word-guessing game that doesn't require any installation or downloads. With the help of a grid system, you must concentrate solely on guessing a baseball player from a few hints in the game MLB Pickle.

How to play

This game has gone viral thanks to its simplicity in gameplay and rules. MLB Pickle offers you only nine daily attempts to solve its challenge.

You must find the player’s name, team, age, league/division, and position... As you choose, you will receive the hints that the game gives you. Any column that is in the green color indicates a match. Yellow in the Age column indicates 2 years within the mystery player’s age.

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