About Quardle

Quardle is a secret 4-word puzzle-solving game, developed by Josh Wardle. The gameplay is similar to Wordle!!.
Select a number (1-4) to choose which word in the puzzle you will try to guess. Enter a valid 5-letter word, and hit the enter button to submit it.
After each guess, the tiles will change color as follows:

Green box: is in the guesses word and is in the correct position.
Yellow box: is in the guess word, but is not in the correct position
Black box with blue border: is not in the guessed word, but is in the same position in adifferent word in the puzzle
Black box with yellow border: is not in the guessed word, but is in a different position in a different word in the puzzle.
Black box: is not in any word in the puzzle.

You have 9 guesses to solve all four words. A new Quordle available each day to solve.

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