About Statele

Statele is the geographical version of Wordle!!. This time you have to identify the U.S. states in six guesses.

Can you name the state from its layout or flag? Try Statele, where you have a chance to learn geography and countries!

Do you believe you can master the 50 states of the United States? Let's join the game and test your ability. 


Statele is a free word puzzle game with fun twists. This quiz game offers you a state outline, direction, and distance to find the exact state.

This is a daily game, so every day there is a new state to find. During the game, you will get a direction to move (north, south, west, or east) and a distance after your guess.

Statele is a fun puzzle game that gives you the chance to learn about US geography.

How to play

When you guess a state in Statele for the first time, the game notifies you of how many kilometers your guess is from being correct and points you in the right direction by using a compass.

A new state can be discovered each day. Following your guess, you will be given the distance in miles along with a direction to travel in (north, south, west, east, etc.).

Find every US state, then assess your performance against those of your friends or players from around the world.

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