About Word master

Word Master inherits the spirit of the classic game Wordle!!. No matter whether you are good at word-related games or not, this game is really a chance to test your vocabulary in English. Uncover the hidden words and get the reward of virtual currency. That is what you experience in this game. Don’t waste your time considering and hesitating! Just enjoy the game and become the master of words.


Wordmaster is as easy to handle as any game that belongs to the word game genre.

This is a worth-trying game for any fan of crossword puzzles, word searches, or sudoku who might enjoy puzzle-solving activities.

How to play

Like in any online word game genre, players are allowed a certain number of attempts to conquer the challenge.

Word Master offers you six tries to guess the correct word.

After each guess, each letter will be highlighted in green, yellow, or gray to indicate the stat of your guess. In Wordmaster mode, the cell turns red, which means your guess is close to the correct one: the right letter but the wrong place. The green color means the letter you guessed is the correct one in the right place.

The gray color indicates that your letter is totally incorrect in both the title and the place.

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