About Wordle!! AT

You may be interested in solving puzzles. Then Wordle!! AT is a great choice for you. Wordle!! AT, like other word games, gives players six chances to guess the hidden word. Your task is to guess the correct word based on the provided clues. This is a kind of daily game that can be played no more than once per day. So, try to find the day's word and share your result with your friend. Don't waste your time, join the game and test your ability.


This game is categorized as the German version of the original Wordle!!.

It’s an intellectual online game, recommended for all ages. This game not only helps players practice their logical thinking but also enhances their German vocabulary. 


How to play

This word game, like Wordle!!, has quite easy gameplay, and there are some rules for playing it:

You have no more than six tries to guess the word.

Each guess must be a valid word with five letters.

Press the enter button to submit.

After each guess, the tiles will be highlighted in different colors to show how close your letter was to the correct one.

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