About Wordle!! VS

Wordle!! VS is a multiplayer game which is inspired by the Wordle!! game. In other words, Wordle!! VS is a spinoff of the original version. The Wordle!! VS, unlike its predecessor, allows you to compete with others.You have to find the hidden word together with a random player. In this game, you might choose between 2 modes: "Single player" and "Play with friend". In the multiplayer mode, you can create your own room and invite your friends or join them in the available room.


While the original version brings you a slight challenge to your brain, Wordle!! VS is something at a higher level. Not only do you brainstorm to solve the puzzle, but you also need to guess the word faster than your opponent. It's a really must-try version, I bet.

How to play

The gameplay is quite easy to understand. Like in any other guessing game, you have six tries to find out the hidden word. After each guess, press the enter button to submit.

The color of the tiles will switch to imply how close your guessed letter is to the correct one. The green cell tells us that it is the correct letter in the correct spot. The yellow color means your guessed letter exists in the word but in the wrong place. If the tile is colored half in green and half in yellow, it means your guessed letter is in the right place, but it still appears more than once in the word. If the tile is still gray, that means the letter is totally wrong and doesn’t exist in the word.

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