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Worldle was inspired by Wordle!!, created and developed by Antoine Teuf, a 31-year-old French Web and video game developer. Some people get confused between Wordle!! and Worldle. However, they are not the same game. If you are eager to study different countries around the world, this game is for you.


Like in any game categorized in Wordle!!, players can play Worldle once a day, and they can post their answers on social media as tiny square emoji in the colors green, yellow, and black to indicate how exactly they got the right answer.

The fact that players from all over the world tweeted their WorldLe results with the hashtag # worldle, along with jokes and memes comparing the two games, demonstrates the game's global appeal. 

How to play

Players of Worldle get six chances to correctly guess a country or area based solely on the contour of its outline.

By the way, they are shown how far and in which direction it is from the right country on the map.

Also, they can make the game harder by either hiding the image of the country or territory or turning it in any direction they want.

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